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TUSCAN HERB SALT - 5.3oz / 150g

TUSCAN HERB SALT - 5.3oz / 150g

Borgo de Medici

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Tuscan Herb Salt is good on so many things. I have seen where some people think it is only good as a finishing salt, but I think it is equally useful at any stage of a meal.

I like to sprinkle it on scrambled eggs, or cooked vegetables.

Try rubbing a little olive oil on the surface of skinless, boneless chicken breast, and sprinkle the salt generously on both side before grilling or pan frying.

The same treatment is wonderful with cut slabs of zucchini or summer squash. Or steak. Or pork chops. Or fish.

Use it when you are mashing potatoes, or making rice. Any savory dish where you would use salt would get an extra pop of flavor from this blend.

It would also make a really unique gift – and if you make it during the summer, it will still be fantastic when we get to the holidays, so it might be a good idea to whip up extra.


Weight 5.3oz / 150g

 Sea salt, mint, tarragon.

Learn more about the producer: Borgo de Medici

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