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Antipasto - SEMI-DRIED RED TOMATO - 8.8oz / 250g, Ursini imported by Product of Italy

SEMI-DRIED RED TOMATO - 8.8oz / 250g


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The art of preserving food, since the most ancient and remote times, cannot be separated from the usage of pure extra virgin olive oil. Terre dell’Abbazia” EVOO, an excellent extra virgin olive oil tasting round, smooth and flawless is perfect for keeping all types of food under glass.

Beautiful bright red, they are obtained through an impeccable slow drying (burning without alterating the original colour). The processing is manual and it takes 24 hours, in order to achieve a good consistency. they are succulent and pleasant final result.

Ideal for appetizers, side dish, sandwiches, cooked vegetables, preparations of sauces.



8.8oz / 250g


Semi-dry red tomato (71%), Extra virgin olive oil (28%),salt,white wine vinegar (contains sulphites),parsley,oregano.

Learn more about the producer: Ursini

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