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Olive Oil - OPERA MASTRA - 16.9 oz / 500ml, Ursini imported by Product of Italy

OPERA MASTRA - 16.9 oz / 500ml


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Mid-fruity flavor extra virgin olive oil, the perfect bled of olives from Chieti, Crognalegno, Leccino and Cucco. The olive trees are aged from 20 (Leccino) to 250 (Gentile from Chieti).

The return is on average 14 liters (3.7gal) of extra virgin olive oil per 100 Kg (220lb) of olives.

The harvest goes from the end of October through the third week of November and it is done entirely by hand with the help of little shakers. Olives are placed in boxes with holes and taken to the mill within 4 hours from the harvest. They are immediately worked at the oil mill, with a hammer olive-press and closed tight kneading machines, in absence of oxygen, then extracted with chill.

This extra virgin olive oil has a vibrant green color with strong grassy undertones and an assertive peppery finish. Try drizzled over raw or grilled vegetables or legume soups.

Weight 16.9fl oz / 500ml

Extra Virgin Olive Oil from these Olives: Gentile 55%, Crognalegno 20%, Leccino 15%, Cucco 10%.

Learn more about the producer: Ursini

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