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GOURMET BASIL PESTO - 4.6oz / 130g - Product of Italy

GOURMET BASIL PESTO - 4.6oz / 130g

Borgo de Medici

  • $ 980

Borgo De Medici Gourmet Basil Pesto  has taken Pesto to a new level with premium ingredients includingthe finest DOP basil and top quality olive oil. Enjoy this Pesto on pasta, bread, crostini and much more.


Weight 4.6oz / 130g

 Olive Oil, basil of Genoa d.o.p., cashew,  extra virgin olive oil, walnuts, pine nuts,salt, Grana Padano Cheese (milk, salt, rennet. lysozyne from egg).PecorinoCheese (milk, salt, rennet) garlic.Contain Sulphites. It may contain traces of: hazelnuts, walnuts, almond, pistachios.


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