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Chestnut Honey from Tuscany Italy - Miele di Castagno - 9.5oz/270g

Borgo de Medici

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🌰 Chestnut Honey With its deep, dark, amber color and unique flavor and aromas, this honey will show you there is much more to honey than you ever thought. The slightly bitter aftertaste makes this honey unique.
🌰 Tuscan chestnut honey is stunning paired with a variety of cheeses—spoon over creamy blue cheeses like Dolcelatte Gorgonzola or St. Agur, drizzle atop fresh sheep’s milk ricotta or, for a true Tuscan experience, enjoy over fresh Pecorino Toscano with sliced pears.
🌰 This uniquely savory honey elevates both sweet and savory dishes. For dessert, try substituting chestnut honey for sugar in a classic vanilla gelato recipe or use as a garnish for silky panna cotta. On the savory side, brush over porchetta, or use as a glaze for grilled chicken, seared duck breasts or roasted quail.
🌰 Produced between the end of June and the first half of July from wild mountain chestnut flowers, this Italian Chestnut honey is extraordinarily versatile and is the richest in minerals.
🌰 Imported from Tuscany Italy

Learn more about the producer: Borgo de Medici

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