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Carpaccio Black Summer Italian Truffle Slices - Gourmet Food Garnish Seasoning - 3oz

Carpaccio Black Summer Italian Truffle Slices - Gourmet Food Garnish Seasoning - 3oz

Borgo de Medici

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Not only is the delicate fragrance that characterized the black truffle captured in this unique selection, but, when finely sliced, it also meets an aesthetic demand made by haute cuisine, as the unmistakable black color of this valuable tuber makes for a wonderful accent.

Without equal for either meat or fish “carpaccio”, this product can also be used as a condiment for fresh or dried pasta, savory second courses.

Before opening keep in a cool dry place & avoid direct sunlight.

After opening keep refrigerated for maximum 7 days.

Preserved truffles are a nice, budget-friendly way to add visual truffle appeal to dishes.


♥ Our recipes:

Veal Carpaccio with truffle flakes.
A very simple recipe without need for cooking as the Carpaccio is ready to eat.
Arrange the Carpaccio slices on a plate: you can choose whether to put the veal on a serving dish or on individual plates.
Add olive oil, salt and grate the truffle on top or use the Carpaccio already in truffle oil.
Add parmesan flakes in the middle of the plate and finish off with a dusting of pine nuts!

Crustacean lasagna with truffle flakes.
Rinse and boil the lobster for 10 minutes, remove the pulp and cut into cubes. Rinse and peel the prawns taking out the dark string but leaving them whole. Peel and chop the shallots and brown them in butter.
Add the crustaceans with some cleaned and chopped thyme; increase the heat and brown for a couple of minutes. Add the sparkling wine and let the sauce reduce, add salt and pepper and keep warm.
Finely slice the truffle. Cut the lasagna into 10 cm squares and let them boil in plenty of salted water together with a drop of extra virgin olive oil.
Drain the pasta and allow it to dry


Weight 3oz

Black summer truffle slices (Tuber Aestivum Vitt.), sunflower oil, salt, flavor.

Learn more about the producer: Borgo de Medici

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