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About Us

Our Story

The idea of was born while visiting and studying in the US.

As all Italians abroad I was looking for traditional food and specialties from my Country, my region, my city.

I didn’t like what I found. I was able to find the Italian flag printed on so many grocery products, but after a closer look at the label, ingredients and the production site there was nothing Italian in those products other than the flag on the packaging.

 The project started around these simple core values:

  • bringing the most authentic Italian specialty products made in Italy by Italian farmers and producers using only the finest Italian ingredients;
  • delivering uncompromising customer service, ensuring product and food quality excellence.

The personal relationship with our producers as well as our connections with small and medium high quality firms from all across Italy is a guarantee for you of high quality food products of a certified origin.

Grazie Mille for visiting us!