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Tutto Calabria

The History of Tuttocalabria is full of taste. Our history started in 1910, when the grandfather Luigi Celli started to cultivate his land in “San Pietro Apostolo”, a small land located in the Sila mountains. Later on, in 1970, Tuttocalabria was founded and rooted in the Calabria’s ancient gastronomic culture. Our dad, the founder, Antonio Celli, tied to his land and its fruits, became one of the pioneers of the preservation of the traditional Calabrian products industry. Today, fifty years after the foundation, the sons Fiorella, Gianpaolo and Irene, moved by the same passion, have lead the company among the best Calabrian gastronomic companies. Ancient family recipes flanked by constant innovation and new technologies give rise to authentic and unforgettable flavors. One of the biggest players in the Calabrian gastronomy globally TuttoCalabria is a tasty journey through the traditional essence of Calabria, a land of wonderful landscapes, of warm and sunny weather and of memorable aromas and taste. It is to this land that Tuttocalabria dedicates its work, following the product from the very earliest harvesting, selecting the finest products, to the handmade processing stage supported by cutting edge equipment. The land’s gifts are transformed with love and passion into small works of art. The symbol that represents the most TuttoCalabria is the chili pepper, a fruit rich, tasteful, with a strong and winning character. This fruit is part of most of our recipes, so rich in flavors. Because being “Piccanti per Passione- Spicy for passion” is not a slogan but a lifestyle.