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Calabrian Nduja Sauce by Tutto Calabria (6.3 ounce)

Calabrian Nduja Sauce by Tutto Calabria (6.3 ounce)

Tutto Calabria

  • $ 1480

Nduja sauce by Tutto Calabria is a traditional Italian soft, meaty condiment made with a paste of salami seasoned with fiery but yet fruity Calabrian chilies.

Nduja sauce is one of the most coveted traditional delights of Calabrian cuisine, renowned for its unique flavor profile worldwide. It’s a soft, spreadable paste made from fatty parts of pork, seasoned to perfection with unique Calabrian chili peppers. It’s thought to have originated in Spilinga, a small town in the region of Calabria. The town even celebrates the Annual Nduja Festival for more than 40 years now! You can discover the flavorful world of Italian condiments in our carefully curated selection - from Italian hot sauce to pasta sauces; with us, you can get anything your pantry needs!

Established in 1970, Tutto Calabria is one of the leading Italian companies producing delicious Calabrian specialties. This family-run Italian company quickly made a name for itself as a trusted brand that tirelessly delivers only the highest quality ingredients. Tutto Calabria offers an extensive assortment of everything from Calabrian sauces to spices and preserves. Once you give it a try, peruse our Italian grocery store online and find more flavors from Italy!

Nduja sauce by Tutto Calabria is the ultimate meaty spread for quick sandwiches, appetizers, bruschetta, or your antipasto platter. However, to fully indulge yourself with authentic Italian flavors, you can pair this delicious condiment with pizza, pasta dishes, or risotto!

Ingredients: Fresh tomatoes, "nduja" seasoned smoked salame 2.5% (minced pork meat, dried hot and sweet peppers, salt), extra virgin olive oil, salt, natural flavors.

Learn more about the producer: Tutto Calabria

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